Self defense for women

For the first time at our festival we are offering a really cool class of self defence with our Tai Chi Master.

This is a 40 min taster class orientated towards women wanting to know how to escape an attack from someone bigger and more aggressive.

It is not based on speed or strength but on technique so anyone can learn no matter their level of fitness.

Shifu Niall O Floinn will be teaching how to escape from all of the most common assault scenarios.

The class will be fun but extremely useful and important in today's often violent world. You can learn and also teach your daughters or girlfriends how to defend themselves with easy to execute moves.

The seminar will be in 2 parts and take place on Friday and Saturday straight after the Tai Chi class which Shifu recommends as a warm up before these special classes on self defence.

Ladies can choose a man to bring to partner them for the self defence or another lady